So how does it work?

Most Symphony Orchestras have an insurance policy aiming to cover theft, damage, loss of value etc. In some cases, the Symphony Orchestra owns some instruments. In most cases instruments are owned by each individual musician.

I work in close contact with the internationally renowned insurance company H.W. Wood International where the insurance is placed with Lloyd’s of London. H. W. Wood International has offices in London, New York; Australia, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and Spain. Website

The advantage of having a mutual insurance that encompasses all instruments is very logical ! H. Woods International has a long and solid tradition of tailor making insurances for individual musicians and for larger groups of musicians such as; Opera and Symphony Orchestras; Chamber Groups and Musical Conservatories.

When an orchestra shows interest in having a full All Risk Insurance, I normally visit the orchestra for 3-4 days to examine each instrument. I make a point of meeting each musician to discuss their instruments and give advice.
This means that I normally see 4-5 musicians per hour. The direct contact with each musician has turned out to be very positive.

My own experience as a skilled violin maker and my contact with colleagues and experts world wide ensures that the valuation is as serious as possible.

The cost of my valuation service can vary, according to how many working days are needed and travel expences.  
I always aim to work at a fair price.