Welcome to Symphonic Valuations International

Symphonic Valuations International was created by violin maker Jens T. Stenz, as an informative platform to help symphony orchestras, foundations, chamber musicians and individual musicians, professional and amateurs alike, in getting an updated insurance valuation of their instruments.

Jens T. Stenz trained in violin making at the renowned Welsh School of Violin Making and Repair in 1982 – 1985 and graduated with a high merit. During 1985-86 he worked in Copenhagen with Emil Hjorth & Sons, violin makers.

In 1986 he opened his own workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, specializing in making, restoration and dealing in fine instruments and their bows.      

Jens T. Stenz has 40 years of experience in the violin business. He is a member of the Danish Guild of Master Violin Makers, The International Society of Violin and Bow Makers/Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers d’Art (EILA) and The British Violinmaking Association.

Since 1987, Jens Stenz has helped several Symphony Orchestras, Chamber Orchestras, Foundations, Music Conservatories and private as well as professional musicians with advice regarding All Risk insurance policies. The list is long and includes:

In Denmark
- Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
- Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
- Randers Chamber Orchestra
- South Denmark Philharmonic Orchestra
- Odense Symphony Orchestra
- The Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
- The Danish National Chamber Orchestra
- The Esbjerg Chamber Ensemble
- The Danish Chamberplayers
- The Royal Conservatory of Music, Aarhus and Copenhagen
- The Carl Nielsen Academy, Odense
- The Augustinus Foundation, Copenhagen

In Norway
- Trondheim Symphony Orchestra
- Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
- Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
- The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra